Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teach Me by R. A. Nelson

This novel explores a student / teacher affair from the viewpoint of the student. Carolina (Nine) doesn't exactly fit in with the other teens at her high school and when Mr. Mann joins the staff at her school and she has him for English, she feels an instant connection. Before long, they seem to be mutually stalking each other and having inappropriate contact outside of school. Just when things are going great and they're planning their future (she's a senior and just turned 18), he suddenly breaks up with her for no reason. Then she learns he's getting married and she is set to destroy him - without revealing their relationship to the authorities. Soon things get out of hand, and a violent storm puts her and her best friend in danger.

I found this novel unsatisfying. Nine is just a little too psycho for my taste - breaking into his house and smearing jelly on his bed, giving his wife her wisdom tooth, "shooting" him in public - she's just a little too "Fatal Attraction" for my taste. I've never had that insane type of love before, so maybe heartbreak causes you to respond in that type of way, but it was a little too much to swallow. I wanted her to just expose him and be done with it. I would have liked some more build up to their relationship or through the relationship. How could both of them be so willing to do something they both know is wrong? What made their love so intense that she would turn crazy? And his reason behind his break up isn't anything terrible (frankly, it's a little predictable) so why didn't he just tell her? I just don't understand all of the secrecy among the characters. Overall, it was just unsatisfying.

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