Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vampire Loves BY: Joann Sfar

This is the first volume of Joann Sfar Vampire Loves series. Ferdinand, the vampire, is in search for true love. He is not the ordinary scary vampire, instead he is charming, polite, and quite mature. He sucks animals for blood but occasionally bites humans in their sleep. He bites humans very carefully, like a mosquito. He is in love with Liana, a mandragona, a girl plant, who cheated on him with his best friend Michael Duffin. Ferdinand is depressed in a lonely castle with his cat Imhotep, until he decides to go out and search for love, while Liana is out doing the same, although she was cursed to drive men crazy. Throughout the whole story Ferdinand meets a variety of women , ranging from vampires, ghosts, and tree folks, and all with different personalities. Sfar comic Vampire Loves is definitely a must read if your
interested in comics that are funny, have mythical creatures, and romantic. Read the first volume of Vampire Loves and see if Ferdinand finds his true love. gv

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