Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had By: Kristin Levine

This is a novel that is detailed, but set in the 1900's in Alabama. When teens that were white, went to separate schools from black children . It was unheard of mixed race relationship, or friendships. Life was full of pressure to socialize only with one's own race. This was true until the new postmaster, arrived at the Railroad Station, and it was a black family. Emma a 12 year old girl who was black, and very outgoing was accustomed to Boston where color was not as much an issue. Emma became good friends of Dit,who was white, but his Mother brought up her children to be friends of all nationalities, and races. So Dit has no problem with the friendship of a black kid, but isn't sure about friendship with a girl who doesn't know how to fish or throw a baseball. Emma isn't at all sure at first about a boy who doesn't read.

Tensions erupt in the small town when Emma is invited to take part in the play at the white school and the biased drunk lawman in town disapproves. Emma and later Doc, the black barber take a stand against Big Foot the lawman with terrible results.

Emma, and Dit get involved with the barber that has escaped and hiding in town , he is a black who is accused of a crime he did not commit. The two teens Emma & Dit plan to help the barber out. Meanwhile, the barber is in jail. They get the key, and let Doc(barber) free. They make the jail cell look like the Doc hung himself. The two teens Emma and Dit kill a rabbit, and smear the blood inside the casket that is meant for the barber. The barber has one son who wants to see his Dad one last time. It's getting to be a big problem the death of the barber.

Read the novel to find out details of the novel. This is a good read.

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