Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bystander By: James Preller

This novel takes place in a Middle School called Bell Port Central in Long Island. Eric is a new student from Ohio in seventh grade. The students had a year to make groups of friends in 6th grade,while Eric wass in Ohio.
Eric had one friend in Long Island called Griffin, who seemed to get along with Eric. Eric played the electric guitar, and used it as a shield when he needed it. His Dad walked out from the house, and never returned, when he was a young boy. It was just as well, because the father had a short temper, and was an alcoholic, and threw plates around. One of the reasons why Eric, and his sister Tina pulled up stakes with their mother, and moved to another city from their Dad.
As we read more pages of the novel Eric finds out that Griffin is a liar, and a bully. Griffin is a thief on top of his other traits. School Officials are not aware that Griffin is hurting other teens and not aware of Griffin's activities, and don't careless. Eric the new teen in town has a solution for Griffin's nonsense. Eric plans to get inside of Griffin's house, when no one is at home. Eric forgot about Griffin's Dad who works at night. Eric reaches the upstairs with no problems, and goes to Griffin's room and finds the wooden box with special items. Eric takes out a CD. that belongs to him. His Father gave Eric this CD before he left as a gift. As Eric did not plan Griffin's Dad in the house snoring, he was super quiet. Eric removed his running shoes, and left them in the house as he made the escape. In the end, Griffin's Dad woke up, but did not notice Eric leaving the house.
The novel was good, and I liked it.

LRD 2/23/10

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