Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mission Telemark By Amanda Mitchison

This novel is about four teen freedom fighters, who fought during WWII. The novel has one teen girl named Ase, and three teen males. Frederick a red head speaks Norwegian, Jakob also speaks Norwegian, and so does Lars. To me the novel is exciting, and very detailed about WWII. The teens are on a mission to destroy the water plant the Germans controlled in Vernock.

The Colonel's student's that were teens, had to go through training that was tough; to prepare them for their mission. It was like going to boot camp for the United States Marines at Paris Island in Virginia. The teens endure a lot of hardship, but the British Colonel knows what the teens will face.

In case the teens are captured by the Germans, each teen has a cyanide capsule to take. Fortunately the teens were not captured. What the teens accomplished was great. They had to ski on the slope of huge mountains, and climb big rock cliffs that were not easy. They had to hide from their enemy as they approached the large water plant. he enemy was the German soldiers. Frederick hides in a deep freeze, Ase hides in a locker,Lars and Jakob hide in a deep freeze together. They complete their mission by placing the explosives around the water plant.
Their escape is very difficult. Frederick dislocates his shoulder, which slows the teens down. The teens had to hunt for food. They hunted rabbits, and deer meat for survival. The teens endured harsh cold, and hunger.
I enjoyed the novel very much, because it was fascinating, and educational too.
LRD 2/4/10

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