Monday, July 26, 2010

Demonata Book 10: Hell's Heroes - Darren Shan

The walls between the demon world and the human world have been torn down. Humanity is loosing the battle against the demons. There are mages, werewolves, and Disciples that are waging the battle against the demons for humanity. With Bec having aligned herself with Lord Loss it's now up to Grubbs, Shark, Kernel, Kirilli, and Timas to go to the demon universe and destroy both Bec and Lord Loss. They head back to the mansion where Grubbs grew up. Grubbs destroys a lodestone, which if Lord Loss can control most of the remaining ones, will open a permanent window between the demon world and the human world. They are then attacked by Lord Loss's familiars and once they are destroyed they head to Lord Loss's realm. Once they are there they find Lord Loss and Bec, and Bec destroys thousands upon thousands of innocent humans. Bec then merges with the spirit of Death. They retreat and a few days later Lord Loss, Bec, and the original Demon masters come to Earth for one final battle. Has Bec truly betrayed Grubbs, Kernel, Shark, and the rest of the Disciples? Is there any hope for Earth, or will Demons rule and have humans as their slaves?

I've enjoyed the whole Demonata series, and was eagerly awaiting the final book. I was fine with the book until the very end. The end kind of disappointed me. As I was reading the book I was thinking on how Shan would end the series, and as I got closer to the end I was hoping he wouldn't do what I thought he was going to do. Shan basically did a gigantic reset button in the end, which to me wasn't the best way to end the series. Overall the Demonata series was very enjoyable. The ending of the final book was just a bit of a let down.

T.B. 7/26/10

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