Thursday, July 29, 2010

Passing Strange - Daniel Waters

Karen Desonne committed suicide and died. She came back as a zombie, and has been living with her parents. Her Dad has accepted what she is and her younger sister is happy to have her there. Her Mom on the other hand hasn't accepted the fact that Karen committed suicide and came back. Karen also holds a job at Wild Thingz! in the mall, and can pass for a human. One day while she is working Pete Martinsburg shows interest in her and they start going out. Pete is part of an anti-zombie group that has been framing the zombies for the murder of a prominent attorney, and a grave yard desecration. Karen sees this as an opportunity to get evidence that Pete is behind everything anti-zombie in the last few months. As it becomes illegal for a zombie to be out without a guardian, most of the other zombies hide in the nearby lake leaving Karen and her few human friends to find out the truth. Once Pete finds out that Karen is a zombie he turns her into the police. Has Karen met her end? Can the other zombies help get her out of jail, and prove their innocence? Can Karen forgive Pete for what he's done?

I'm loving the Generation Dead series. The first book had me hooked and I've enjoyed each one of the following books. Passing Strange read faster for me than Kiss of Life, maybe because there was more action and suspense to move the story along. I also liked how it was told from Karen's point of view this time instead of Phoebe's. It added another point of view to the story, which made the book a good read. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next book in the Generation Dead series whenever it comes out.

T.B. 7/29/10

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