Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anna & the French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins

Honestly, I read this novel to enhance my knowledge of Paris, France. The beginning of the novel was boring to me, it took about 100 pages before my interest was satisfied. The plot has to do with teen girl Anna, and Etienne , who are shipped off to boarding school.

The plot thickens, and School continues. School becomes a way to make friends with each other. They are Lab partners in School who become close friends. Finally, they become a couple , and date each other .

The teens are in a dormitory situation, while they attend school in France. A lot of teens start dating each other , and they branch out visiting famous sites around Paris. For instance, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Seine River, the Louvre Museum of Arts, the Champs de Elysee where many shops and cafe are located. Notre Dame is visited because of the famous stained glass windows, and gargoyles, high ceilings too. The Cathedral is an example of Gothic architecture worldwide. When you look inside of the Cathedral, your breath is taken away from the beauty.

This novel is a good read, and I recommend the n novel.


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Netherland said...

This is a really sweet YA romance, but unfortunately VERY predictable. Girl meets cute boy. They like each other, but she sort-of has a boyfriend, and he has a girlfriend. They become friends, but are constantly crushing on each other. Lots of misunderstandings and fights, then they make up 'as friends'... lather rinse repeat. Repeat. Repeat again. By about 3/4 through I was getting really tired of the fight-then-make-up plot. I kept hoping for something unexpected to happen but it was all SO expected! The saving grace was that the characters are very likeable. Still, I'm surprised that a story with such a predictable plot has become such a hit. There are way fresher, more original YA romances out there! Also, to me this read like the author had never been to Paris; the descriptions were kind of flat, they didn't evoke much of the magic of that city for me at all. If you're looking for YA romances that are sweet but ORIGINAL, try Brad Barkley or Heather Hepler.