Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Can't Wait By: Fishley Hope Perez

The title of the novel caught my eye, so I began reading it trying to decipher the story line was about. It turned out a Mexican lived in a run down neighborhood in Houston,Texas . Immigrants wanted to make ends meet rather, than accomplishing a College Education. Marisa is the main teen character in the novel. She is very bright , and wants to attend College.

In fact, Marissa makes it into the School of Engineering in Austin, Texas. This means she will live on campus, and be far from the home she grew up in.

Marisa has a good friend that later becomes her boyfriend called Allan. He is Mexican, and will attend a College in Houston, Texas. In this novel, a dance like a prom occurs, which is exciting for the student that attend High School. Marisa's family expects her to work, and give her wages to the family. Marisa has to give her wages to her Father.

There are many incidents throughout the Novel. I recommend the novel . It is a good read. Read the novel yourselves to find out the final ending.

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