Monday, March 05, 2012

The Last Song

Ronnie who lives in New York City with her mother and her younger brother are traveling to North Carolina to spend summer time with her father. She has not spoken to her dad for about three years and she is not happy about spending her glorious summer without her friends.

During a first few weeks with her father, she does not have a relationship with him, her younger brother get just fine with their dad.

Ronnie meets Will, he has a passion for volleyball, they become friends and later fall in love. Will helps Ronnie restore her father-daughter relationship and her passion for music. Ronnie later on discovers that her father is very ill, he has cancer. She want to recuperate the days she did not talk to her father, she wants to help him during his finals days.

As the summer comes to an end, is time to go back to school she decides she will stay in North Carolina with her father. Will is very supportive of Ronnie and they make a few changes in their relationship in order to be closer to eachother during school time.

I really enjoy Nicholas Sparks, I enjoy reading romance novels with a twist at the end. I feel this book contain exactly that, a end that the reader will not expect. RPA

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