Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

There's a problem with this book that bothered earlier reviewers so much that they disliked the book. Evie works for the International Paranormal Containment Agreement - IPCA for short. Exactly what this organization is, how it came to be, why paranormals must be contained is never explained. Evie is best at containing vampires as she can easily identify them even when they are disguised. She has been with the organization for many years even though just a teenager. Evie uses a taser with a sparkly pink handle and a silver knife with a similar sparkly pink handle to render vampires helpless then she puts monitoring ankle bracelets on them and sends them to a containment center. There is lots of paranormal stuff going on so one wonders why containment and how it is determined who gets contained. Most teens, I think can set this aside. Evie is dang good at her job, a kick ass heroine. Being a teenager and always home schooled confined deep underground in the center, she is dying for true teenage experiences. She figures the tv program Easton Heights is a good way to learn how to be a real teenage girl. She does a lot of online shopping, most of which gets cancelled by her "foster mom". Everything about Evie being a teen is funny and a bit of a spoof of real teenage life and just delightful to read. Evie visiting a real high school and seeing her first locker and her prep for prom are especially fun. The story reminded me of Michele Jaffe's book BAD KITTY. There are two male love interests in this story, Reth a very persistent and powerful faerie and Lend son of a water elemental and a human. There is a prophetic poem that seems to be about Evie but maybe not. It predicts lots of death. When many paranormals begin dying with fiery golden palm prints over their hearts - clues point to Evie though initially she is clueless about why and who she really is. She never even knew she was a paranormal so is just finding out about her powers. So as not to give everything away, I have to stop here but the problem of who is killing paranormals and why is neatly resolved still leaving room for more books. This is an Illinois High School Media Association Abraham Lincoln Award nominee for 2013. Don't take it too seriously or you'll likely be disappointed, though JDW 3/17

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