Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Between by Jessica Warman

Liz wakes up somewhere between life and death to find her lifeless body floating in the water by her father's house boat.  This is the day of her 18th birthday.  She is soon joined by Alex a classmate who had died earlier in the year in a hit and run "accident"  They figure that they are where they are to resolve something that needs resolving.  Memories of their lives come back in bits and pieces and replay for the reader throughout this story.  Until, we learn how they are connected and what is holding them "between".  Only then are they able to pass on.  Liz is, to Alex, a  shallow and self centered rich snob.  But slowly finds that things are not quite that simple.  Alex was not wealthy, did not party, certainly did not do drugs, even weed as Liz's friends did.  Richie who seems at times to be too good to be true, isn't.  Nothing is a black and white as Liz and Alex saw them when they were alive.  That is a pretty wonderful thing for a teen to discover.  A very readable book, even with drinking and drugs in it there is nothing so graphic that even younger teens couldn't enjoy this.
JDW 6/26

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