Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Hellbound Heart by Barker,Clive

This book is for older teens. It contains very graphic describtions.

Frank had spend most of his life looking for the greatest of pleasures. Having feel unfullfil in his life so far. He had heard rumors of a puzzle box name the Lament Configuration and entered a journey to find it. His journey come to its end once he found it.

He spend a big amount of his days figuring out the box, and once he had done sone he was ready for his reward. However not everything was as he was told. The Cenobites, creatures that lived inside the box appeared in front of him and offered the pleasure he was looking for in exchange of his very being. Frank accepted but it was a decision he came to regret. He was taken to the hell inside the box and never was heard from again.

Years later his brother, Rory moved to his house. Due to Frank having a history of just come and go, Rory did not worry much about him and figure he was just in another of his long travels. Kristy and old friend of Rory's suspects something going on in the house. Little does she knows that hell is about to break lose, as frank escapes the Lament Configuration and seeks to become human once more.

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