Monday, March 18, 2013

Aaliyah (Divine Divas #4) by Victoria Christopher Murray

This particular novel is in a series about four teens in a High School  who are sophomores, who dream about becoming the best Gospel quartet in a competition . The teens, named Diamond, India, Veronique, and Aaliyah are determined to win.  This novel is the fourth book in the series.   Aalijah , who is a straight A student and is an only child living with her Father, who by the way is the Deputy Chief of Police in Los Angeles, California.  Aaliyah is really not interested in singing, but has   a lot of talent in music, since her childhood and a willingness to support her BFFL.
The quartet has won a regional competition and is now preparing to head south for the finals.  Four other groups will be there as well.  Each group was assigned a mentor, who is an established singer, to help the girls get ready and to sing with them.  Aaliyah is horrified when she finds out that her famous mother Xena will be her groups' mentor.  She has always told everyone her mother was dead.  She has not been in contact with Xena since she left home to become a star,when Aaliyah was very young. Aaliyah did know Xena was her mother and did keep track of her.
Now all of a sudden Xena wants to be part of Aaliyah's life, and she wants no part of it.  Her BFFL are thrilled by the chance to meet Xena and sing with her.  They don't understand why Aaliyah kept her a secret all these years or why she is so upset about the situation.
It will take a lot of talking with her dad, pastor, BFFL and Xena before Aaliyah can accept Xena as her mother.  Aaliyah, set aside her feelings so the Divine Divas can be a success in the finals.
It isn't hard to understand the anger and sympathize with Aaliyah.  I am sure I would feel the same way.  This is a fast, and easy read with an uplifting ending.  Recommended.
LD/JW 3/13/13

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