Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After Hello by Lisa Mangum

Sara goes to NYC with her father. He will be in business meetings then plans to meet his daughter for lunch in Times Square. Instead, he cannot get away and she has a long day ahead, taking photos and eating alone. Except, while wandering with her camera she focuses on Sam who sees her and stops to talk. They connect, he will take her to lunch and she will be on her way. Sam, who is running errands for his brother Paul must just drop off something first. Paul works for an impossible to please celebrity. Sam and Sara arrive while a kinds of drama is going on. Sara bargains with the woman. She will find a one of a kind work of art for her before midnight. Now, committed to the bargain, Sam takes her exploring landmarks, meeting artists, looking for the just right piece of art.

As the day goes on, dad calls saying he cannot meet for dinner either. Sara takes photos everywhere she and Sam go. Sometimes they have conflict. Each has a story to both keep secret and tell. Both, in some way have been left behind by those they love. They finally settle on the exact right art piece and go to an artist loft to make it. While Sam works with his artist friend, Sara creates an amazing collage of the day's photos. Its well past midnight when they finally deliver on their promise and say goodbye. It has been a wondrous journey for both. Where will their life journey's lead now? We are left to wonder and perhaps hope that these two will meet again one day. I would give this to anyone who liked 13 little blue envelopes by Maureen Johnson, another fabulous journey.

JDW 3/13

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