Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Graduation Day - Joelle Charbonneau

Cia finds out the truth about The Testing, and realizes the rebellion isn't what she was lead to believe.  She heads to meet with President Collindar. Cia tells the president what she knows about about the rebellion.  The president believes Cia even when she thought the president wouldn't.  President Collindar gives Cia a list of twelve names including, Symon, the rebel leader.  The names include Dr. Barnes, the head of The Testing, and his close associates.  At first Cia thinks the president is going to eliminate the names on the list.  When she tells Cia she wants her to eliminate them, Cia can't fathom it.  The president tells her that she is best one to do this and trust no one, echoing the words her father told her.  As Cia thinks things over she knows she can't do this alone.  As officials search every building on campus for a missing student, Cia makes of list of people she can trust to carry out the mission.  When she runs into Tomas she brings him up to speed on what the president wants her to do.  She knows Tomas is with her, and decides to make up tests for the others.  If they pass then they can be trusted.  She puts a tracking device on Ian's bag, and Stacia is on board from the get go.  They make a fake radio to test Raffe.  If he "listens" to it the radio will explode.  She gives it to Raffe after class telling him not to listen to the recording.  When she meets up with Raffe later Cia shows him the list and he marks five names off.  Those five want The Testing to end as much as they do.  Dr. Barnes, his father, and the others have to die.  He gives back the radio and has passed Cia's test.  Cia, Tomas, Stacia, and Raffe meet at the library to discuss what needs to be done.  When Will and Enzo interrupt their meeting Cia and Raffe go walk around campus to find a good escape point.  When they head back to the dorm there is an explosion and smoke coming from Cia's room.  Inside she finds Enzo covered in burns from the radio.  As officials come to investigate Raffe helps Cia escape.  She heads an abandoned house in Tsou City to wait for Tomas, Stacia, and Raffe.  Will they be able to carry out the assassinations and end The Testing, or will Dr. Barnes and Symon take over the government and continue The Testing?

I have enjoyed this series and I loved how the final book wrapped everything up.  The theme of trust no one has been a constant through out the series.  As Cia finds out no matter what you are given some tasks are to great to do on your own.  You have to trust at least one other person to help you out.  Some that you think can be trusted may betray you, but that's how life is.  Not everyone can be trusted.  If everyone trusted everyone else I think we would have more of an utopian society.  Actions speak louder than words and those actions are what we use to decide who to trust. 


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