Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Those Broken Angels by Peter Adam Salomon

When Richard was six years old, his friend Melanie disappeared during a game of hide-and-seek. That night he was visited by a strange shadow that became his new best friend. For years, this shadow, that Richard was convinced belonged to his best friend, kept him company. Ten years later, a new girl shows up claiming to be the very Melanie that disappeared. His shadow, however, isn't too happy with Melanie's appearance. When the truth about Melanie and her disappearance comes to light, Richard realizes there an even deeper mystery involving this shadow, a mystery that he's determined to solve.

This is a weirdly interesting novel. The shadow is creepy as it engulfs Richard and controls him and at time seduces him, which is a bit odd. It's not creepy scary - as in it will give you nightmares - just creepy out-of-the-ordinary. There's definitely intrigue in finding out what's really going on with the shadow and its connection to Melanie. I felt that the revelation was a bit predictable given that there were only so many players in the novel, although there was one twist that I found interesting. Even though it was a bit obvious, it was still an enjoyable ride and a quick read.

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