Monday, January 19, 2015

Suspicion - Alexandra Monir

In the summer of 2007 Imogen and her parents are visiting family in England.  Not to long after they get there is a fire that destroys part of Rockford Manor.  Imogen's parents along with her cousin Lucia's parents are killed in the fire.  It is stated in Imogen's parents will she go back to New York and live with her parents best friends Carole, Keith, and their daughter Zoey.  Seven years later Imogen has grown accustomed to living in America, and has put England in the back of her mind.  As graduation nears, Imogen starts getting calls and letters from England.  After Keith hangs up on a call and Carole takes away a letter addressed to Imogen, she begins to wonder what they are really hiding.  The letter is from Harry Morgan, who is the Rockford Manor Estate Manager.  She calls his office and finds out he is in America wanting to speak with her.  She sets up an appointment at her friend Lauren's house after school.  Harry tells Imogen her grandfather is dead and also her cousin Lucia.  This means she has now inherited Rockford Manor.  At dinner Imogen confronts Carole and Keith about why they kept all this information from her.  They did it to protect her and to shield her from anything that would reminder of the horrible day seven years ago.  When Imogen agrees to stay through graduation, Carole and Keith realize they can't stop her from going back to England.  Word starts to spread around school that Imogen is going to be a Duchess.  As those last few weeks go by quickly Imogen realizes that her life will never be the same again.  Everyone welcomes Imogen back to Rockford Manor with open arms.  The first night she sees Lucia's ghost and hears someone singing Lucia's favorite song.  Imogen's first public appearance as Duchess of Wickersham is at a polo match, which Lord Sebastian Stanhope, her childhood friend, is a part of.  Things are tense between Imogen and the Stanhope family when she greets them after the match.  They invite her to dinner to welcome her back.  Imogen brings a gift to the Stanhope's, but when it is opened Sebastian runs from the room.  The statue she brought was of Lady Beatrice and it belonged to Lucia, who Sebastian was dating at the time of her death.  After Imogen gets back from the disastrous dinner Maisie tells her about Lady Beatrice.  She had the power to summon the elements with just one touch.  Imogen does some research on Lady Beatrice.  She also finds out Sebastian and Lucia were researching her as well for a project.  Lady Beatrice's last words get Imogen thinking maybe the deaths of Lucia's parents, her parents, her grandfather, and Lucia were not a coincidence.  It seems like someone was trying to get Imogen back to Rockford Manor at the right place and time.  Imogen remembers what her father said all those years ago "There is something hidden in the Maze".  What is hidden in the maze that has brought so much suffering to Imogen's family and will the spirits at Rockford Manor ever be at peace?

As I was reading this book it reminded me of Princess Diaries with a supernatural twist.  It was an enjoyable read.  I liked the reveal toward the end and it made a few things in the beginning of the story make more sense.  I didn't know this was Alexandra Monir's third book, until I read the author bio on the book jacket.  This one is a stand alone and not connected to her first two books as far as I can tell.  The first two books sound interesting so I'll be reading them at some point in the near future.


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