Monday, March 13, 2006

Copper Sun By: Sharon Draper

Is an important book to be read to understand . African slave trade, and then slavery in America. This was a terrible event and time for blacks who were sold in the the United States work force, and other duties. It was a way of cheap labor for the plantation owners. This novel takes place in the Carolinas where slavery was a way of life. The slaves were mistreated by anyone's standards. They lived in squalid conditions, while the owners of the slaves lived like royalty. Sure any slave that could, would try to escape to freedom. Amari an African slave girl, 15 years old, bought by Mr. Derby a wealthy plantation owner for his son (16 year old Clay) . Amari worked hard all day, and then at night had to visit Clay .

Polly was indentured slave to the Derby's, and had to work for them until her debt was paid off. She was 14 years old, and a white girl. She Polly became friends of Amari .

I liked the novel because I now realize some of the problems the slaves had in the United States.
LRD. 3/13/06

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