Monday, March 13, 2006

Your Eyes in Stars By: M.E. Kerr

This is a story that can be true for anyone at any age. It basically has to do with two girls Elisa, and Jessica. Elisa was from Germany, and Jessica or Jessie from the United States. They both
lived in Upstate New York, but the town had a prison, and most people called it the Hill. Jessie's Father was the Warden of this huge jail. Mr. Myer, the Warden incorporated music for the prisoners, and they had a band that played blues music. The prisoners were allowed to march in parades with band uniforms.

This relates a thought provoking message saying that there could be in our lifes right now someone who will change our world without us knowing it, and possibly never knowing us . In the novel there was a bugler who played taps nightly. The bugler was a prisoner the girls wanted to meet.

The author seems to be keen on detail, and one notices that throughout the novel. Besides another question to ponder I got from the novel was sometimes we have friends we care about, but do we really know them completely ?

I recommend the book to enhance one's immagination, and pleasure.

LRD 3/13/06

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