Thursday, March 16, 2006

RED KAYAK by Priscilla Cummings

This story starts with three friends, Digger, Brady and JT playing near a dock that used to belong to Digger's grandfather and getting chased away by the new owners. The boys, thought up ways to seek revenge for the loss of their favorite swimming spot. Fast forward 6 months to autumn, the trio are waiting to go off to school when they see a red kayak paddling by. It belongs to the new owners of Digger's grandfather's land. The boys know it is not a good day for kayaking and consider alerting Mr. DiAngelo but in the end decide not to call out, he wouldn't have heard any way right? Later that same day Brady gets called out of school to help with a search and rescue, Mrs. DiAngelo and toddler Ben are missing with the kayak. It is Brady who finds Ben barely alive and becomes a momentary hero. Mother is found further down the coast, also alive. Ben doesn't survive and everyone must deal with the tragic loss. Brady works out his sorrow by helping the Di Angelo's with yard work. That day six months ago returns to haunt Brady in unimaginable ways and when he finds his father's cordless drill by the boat house where the kayak had been docked, his fears increase. Talking with his friends who had been avoiding him bring home the truth of why the kayak sank. Now Brady has to decide what to do and its a heartbreaking decision. Readers of Marion Dane Bauer would like this I think.
jdw 3/16

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