Monday, April 10, 2006

Boss Lady By: Omar Tyree

Tracy Ellison is the main character in this urban literature novel. She has grown up in Philadelphia, and has many unique ideas. This novel through trials, is the story of Tracy Ellison's life. In this novel Flyy Girl is becoming a major motion picture, and Tracy is ready to do anything, and everything to tell her story, and make sure it's done right. Tracy lives a full, and busy life. Tracy is deeply in love with her man. For the moment, Tracy is involved with the movie, and her love of her life comes in second place.

I recommend the novel to anyone who has to deal with Hollywood, and has a busy lifestyle. Most people are caught up with their own live style and very busy with their own business. This novel turns out to be a gem in my opinion.

LRD 4/10/06

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