Monday, April 10, 2006

Curse of the Blue Tattoo By: L.A. Meyer

This is a novel that demonstrates how a female character can take the male role throughout the book, and keep the reader interested. Jacky Faber is the main personality. She was an orphan who makes out in life with many misadventures. Jacky disguises herself to be a boy on board the HMS Dolphin and lands a position on the ship. She eventually is found out her true identity and forced to leave the ship. Next, Jacky is enrolled in the elite Laisson Peabody School for young girls in Boston. This change for Jacky was very hard being that she grew up in the streets of London , and fought pirates. The school prepared young girls to become fine ladies when Jacky had no clue about these matters.

At the School, everything was wrong about Jacky. Her French was atrocious in class, and her table manners were nil. To top it off Jacky had a blue anchor tatoo . Jacky had some friends at the School that were close, and would cover for her when she went out at night to play her whistle, and sing with Gulley in sailor pubsl

This novel is full of adventure, and vey historical I believe. Read the novel and see.

LRD 4/10/06

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