Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Totally Joe by James Howe

Howe wrote the Bunnicula Series so maybe you already know him. This book a sequel to a book called MISFITS in which the four kids in the "gang of five" run for student council on the No Name Party Ticket. They don't win but as a result of their campaign against name calling by students there will be a no name calling day at school.

Joe is totally Joe. He knows who he is and is comfortable with that...most of the time. But, like the other misfits he has endured much name calling and out right bullying especially by one Kevin Hennessey. He along with the other members of the "Gang of Five" except Skeezie have their first romantic experiences in this book. But while Joe is out, everyone knew anyway, his first date is not and would rather not be who he is. This strains their relationship and causes both to do some hard thinking. Joe decides he can wait awhile for the dating thing. On No Name day Bully Kevin gets caught. And, it looks like the gang of five may now have more than five members. Look forward to more books in this series featuring each one of the "gang" members.
A lot more than just this goes on in this short easy to read book - like White girl Addie dating DuShawn a black guy. Its a fun book. JDW 4/26

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