Monday, February 12, 2007

Anahita's Wooven Riddle By: Meghan Nuttall Sayres

The novel to me is exciting on each page. It deals a lot with Persian culture, and customs that is foreign to me, but fascinating.

It all takes place in the 19th Centuryin what we know now as the country of Iran. A bit of History to know is that the Persian Empire, was neighbored in the North by Russia, and the Southern part of the Persian Empire was dominated by the British.

Anahita is a beautiful girl who is a nomadic weaver in this novel. In fact she is what the whole book is about. Her Father one day comes up with the idea that it is time for her to marry. This is a long event throughout the book. We might say it is a task.

In Persian days, the tapestry Anahita works on is called a "qali" which is a colorfull tapsestry. Anahita decides to weave a "qali" with a riddle, or a meaning to determine her suitor, and husband. It's a contest of winning the bride Anahita. Suitors came from far away places. Even a Prince, a Khan(Tribal Chief), a School Teacher,Reza who taught Anahita how to read, diplomat, and a sheperd.

This novel depicts age old tribal customs, and the beginnings of reforms that would change women's way of life. Weavers wove different colors of threads, that told us Persian Culture. Poetry in Persian was called "sufi". Anahita loved poetry.

I do not want to give away Anahita's suitor that wins her hand in marriage, so you need to read this great novel. Every page of the book was exciting, & new to me.
LRD 2/12/07

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