Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Real Question by Adrian Fogelin

Fisher Brown is a straight-A student, studies alot, and hasn't missed a day of school ever. Fisher is also studying for the SAT's and his father is pressuring him to do really well so he can go to Yale. One weekend when Fisher's father goes to take care of his mom, Fisher agrees to go along with Lonny, a neighbor, to help fix a friends roof. When Lonny and Fisher get to the house Lonny tells Fisher that it is his ex-wife's house. As Sunday night comes the roof isn't completely finished and Sissy asks Fisher to stay one more day. He agrees and then the next day as Fisher is working on the roof, Lonny goes to a neighbors for some beer, and when Sissy comes home she fears that Lonny has run away again, and promises to take Fisher to the bus station. Fisher stays for another day and really wants to get back home and back to school. On Wednesday, Lonny and Fisher set off to get Fisher to the bus station. Finding that Lonny stole his money Fisher goes to the local library and one of the librarians lets him use her cell phone and he calls Dez, one of his best friends. She comes and gets him and when he gets home his father is angry at him for lying, but at the same time is happy Fisher wasn't hurt. So the real question is who can you trust? The answer to it is your friends and family who will stand by you in whatever you do, no matter how uncharacteristic of you it is.

T.B. 2/7/07

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