Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love Undercover by Jo Edwards

This books is very girly. It has the secret crushes and the gossip and revenge that just screams girly girl (I can't think of a better way to phrase it). In this novel Kaitlyn Nichols's father, a secret agent, brings home a boy for witness protection. The boy, Blaine, is Kaitlyn's age and, as part of his cover, is enrolled in her high school under the disguise of her third cousin. Naturally Blaine is attractive and Kaitlyn finds herself in love with him. The only problem is that he's posing as her cousin and then there's the whole "his life is in danger and he's only here of the time being" problem. Then, while Kaityln is harboring these feelings for Blaine, she has to deal with him forming a friendship/relationship with her archnemisis who pretends to be her friend to get close to Blaine. And there's also the fact that previous crush starts to show interest in her that makes her life a little bit more hectic.
This story is cute; it's an easy read. I like that there a pop culture references, but they become a little excessive, almost showing the true juvenille side of the novel. I also felt that posing Blaine as her cousin was asking for trouble from the get go. It was obvious that she'd form an attraction to him, so why make him a relative? A close family friend would have worked just as easily, give or take some story creation. At the same time, the ending, while happily ever after like almost all chick lit, made it just a little too cheesy. Overall, though, the novel was a nice read if you're looking for a true girly book.

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