Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Giving Up the Ghost by Sinykin

This ghost story is for younger teens. Aunt Mari is dying and Davia and her parents have come to her Louisiana Sugar Plantation to be with her so she can stay at home. Really all that is left of the plantation are the huge closed up mansion, a six sided building and the carriage house where Aunt Mari now lives, a small overgrown cemetery and the ghost of Emilie who Aunt Mari hopes to put to rest before she dies. Davia's mother will inherit the treasures in the mansion. Aunt Mari challenges scaredy cat Davia to get to know Emilie and find out how to lay her to rest. While Davia and her equally scared cat (unfortunately) both warm up to feisty and demanding Aunt Mari quickly. Davia does not want to, won't, no one can make her, no way warm up to a ghost. She won't even warm up to a ghost who helps her with her asthma. Well, maybe....Find out how helping Emilie might just also help Davia overcome her fears, some of them at least and forgive herself. This is undemanding and not that scary but an ok read.
jdw 3/26/08

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