Monday, March 10, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie By: Minjam Pressler

This is a novel about Johanna, and how she travels to Israel for a class project, and finds out that her family's wealth is not so. Johanna's family, or her grandfather, bought the largest clothing store during the Nazi regime from a Jewish family.Johanna's grandfather purchased the clothing store legally, and made a lot of money on this purchase.

The story goes into a lot of incidents that happen. Johanna's grandfather commits suicide, and lots more.

Johanna is a spoiled teen by her Mother. Although Johanna goes to High School, she must work at the clothing store selling clothes to customers. Johanna is ashamed of being seen by the teens.

This novel is very true as to what might have happened in Germany, and sad at the same time. But it points out we must not live in the past, but press on to the future. I liked this novel very much, because it is historical in many ways. It also has a sensitive message in the title that Johanna knows. Read the book, and find out. LRD 3/10/08

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