Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leftovers - Laura Wiess

Blair, an only child, her mom is a powerfull lawyer, and her dad works and attends functions with her mother. She is ignored by her parents and has no supervision. Ardith on the other hand is the youngest of her family with a 17 year old brother and an older sister. Her brother has parties all the time and is a player with the girls that come to the house. Ardith has to sleep with padlocks on her door and a screwdriver under her pillow to protect her from her brothers friends. During the summer the pool opens up and there is a party, which Blair and Ardith attend. After its over they go into the woods and get drunk and make out with each other. The bad thing is Gary sees them and once 9th grade starts he spreads the rumor that they are gay. Blair comes up with a plan that gets back a Gary, but also has him dating Ardith for a while. At the same time Blair and Ardith barely see each other because of Blair's parents. Right before high school starts the following year Ardith's brother crashes into a cop car, seriously injuring the cop. Blair's mother defends him, and things begin to change around Ardith's house. No more parties, her mom and dad look presentable, and her brother begins to clean up his act or so it would seem. Blair and Ardith reconnect and come up with a plan to prove that Ardith's brother isn't as prim and proper as everyone thinks he is.

I liked the way the book portrayed the main characters in the way that they are mistreated by their friends and family, but find comfort and trust in each other. It is that trust that brings them back together, and get some revenge on the people who have hurt them the most.

T.B. 3/11/08

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