Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Alchemist {Secrets of Nicholas Flamel} by Michael Scott

This is first of a new fantasy series. In the 1300's and 1400's a form of magic was believed in and practiced. This was alchemy a chemical philosophy that believed in the transmutation of metal into gold. Two of the most famous practitioners were Nicholas Flamel and Dr. John Dee. You can look them up on the internet as Twins Sophie and Josh Newman, heroes of this story, did.
Dr. John Dee seeks to control the world. Possession of the BOOK OF ABRAHAM and help from evil like minded characters can make this happen. Nicholas Flamel has long been in possession of the book. Using the book to rule the world would mean the end of mankind. Dr. Dee is almost successful in stealing the book. He gets all but a couple of pages torn out by Josh during a struggle over it. The race is on Dr. Dee needs those pages and Flamel needs to save the world. A prophecy of two who are one that will keep evil away seems to point to Sophie and Josh. Nicholas must hide them from Dr. Dee, unlock their powers and get them trained to use their magical abilities before its too late. There are several battles here in which the good side lose very good folk. I enjoyed this fantasy and the melding with actual history. The next book is out this summer!
JDW 6/26

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