Friday, June 20, 2008

breathe: a ghost story

The unexpected tragic death of Jack's father seems to have helped make him sensitive to the spirit world. Touching old objects, walls of houses and so on gives him a sense of the people who once held the objects or lived in the houses. To help Jack with his grieving, his mother moves to a very old house where they get much more than they bargained for. In the house are the souls of four children captured by a once good mother who has turned very evil and creepy. She wants to stay earth bound forever by sucking energy first from the kids and later from Jack's own mother. It will keep her out of the nightmare passage but send the innocent kids there. Jack's increasing sensitivity makes possible communication with the ghost kids and the evil mother and he takes risks to rescue them. This is a nicely spooky tale for middle school kids. There is a sequel as well
JDW 6/21/08

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