Friday, June 20, 2008

Cherry Heaven by Adlington

This one is for fans of Lois Lowry's book THE GIVER and her other dystopian society books.
Cherry Heaven is a home and a cherry orchard that was once quite successful. It went into disuse when a terrible tragedy took place. This wasn't fully explained. There has been a complete gene mapping, everyone falls into one of three categories and wear metal wetware attached to the back of their hands. The Atsumisi(red) are the most advanced evolution - wise and green Galrezi are the least advanced though supposedly it makes no difference. Just like ethnicity makes a difference in our world, though we don't want it to, Galrezi are looked down upon. New arrivals to the planet have just been given Cherry Heaven as their residence. Their planet had been damaged by warfare. The main part of this story revolves around the escape of a Galrezi girl from a factory that utilizes slave like labor tactics. The factory bottles flavored water that is all the rage with Atsumisi. People are somehow mislead to believe no other water is really safe to consume. The girl wasn't always a slave, her clever escape was unheard of. Authorities are hot to get her back. She is hot to get revenge on all who have done harm to her and her family. She is the only survivor of a murder spree. People from her past recognize her and protect her. The new arrivals get involved because one of the girls is in love with the son of those helping her and because they are living in her home. There's a little sibling rivalry between sisters both with interest in the hottest boy on the planet. There's romance, there's mystery and many vivid characters. But, I don't really know what makes this world go round, except for slave laborers, wealthy folks who apparently got wealthy building a dam, there isn't much business, science, history, commerce and there are secrets surrounding everything. THE DIARY OF PELLY D apparently is a sort of prequel to this and I am reading it in hopes of getting a better understanding of this future world. It held my attention.
JDW 6/21/08

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