Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Blood of Flowers By Anita Amirreziani

The novel was super intriguing to me, because it dealt with many problems that arise in the Middle East, but in the specific country of Iran that used to be Persian. The beginning of the novel takes place in the rural area of Iran. This place or village have no means to acquire a good income. In fact the people who live in this rural village are considered poor. The basic way of living is creating elaborate Persian rugs for selling in the market. The rich people who are merchants ,but Shahs bargained the seller so much, that makers of gorgeous rugs after working hours on the rug made no profit. The family that depended on rugs in the village worked long hours on their tedious creation. Before the family made the trek to family in another town, the head of the household died it was the Father.
The main character of the novel was a beautiful female, who at the beginning was 14 years old in the novel. Her whole family left the Village to come to the city, where the wife/Mother had cousins where they could stay and have food an shelter. The food was not fancy, but suffice to live on.
There was a man who was rich, who lived in a mini-palace . He somehow the girl, who made the gorgeous rugs from the humble live in the village. He was attracted to her, and proposed a monthly marriage contract. This rich man had a wife, but he wanted an extra mistress, young to
boot.This novel has a lot of adventure, & this young women has to take her life into her hands. Book is good for 11 & 12 graders as they are exposed to a different culture. I loved the novel.
LRD 12/7/08

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