Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ruby's imagine by Kim Antieau

This is a short fats read. It is set in New Orleans at the time of the Hurricane Katrina disaster but it really isn't about Katrina. Ruby has an unusual connection with nature. She even has a special language she uses. For instance trees are rooted people. She works at a bakery,lives with her grandmother, attends school and lives a fairly good though poor and simple life. She also has memories of a life her grandmother says are not real memories. Her memories include living n the swamps, having two sisters, and a father with a white alligator good luck charm. Grandmother is one of the people who chooses to ride out the storm in her home since there have been others and nothing happened. Ruby stays with. This time is different, the house floods and they escape to the attic where the roof blows off. Grandmother in her fear tells Ruby that she has been lied to all these years, her memories are real. Grandmother had threatened to turn Ruby's drug using mother in to the authorities if Ruby wasn't given to grandmother to raise. Ruby is able to escape but not get help back to grandmother. The devastation to both land and people is vividly portrayed. When eventually Ruby is reunited with grandma, all the family secrets are revealed in a heartwarming, hopeful ending. Anyone who has ever felt close to nature as well as Ruby does will love this book. As will anyone who has lost family but gained a different one. JDW 12/3/08

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