Monday, December 08, 2008

Dark Dude By: Oscar Hijuelos

This is a novel that makes one think about where we came from, and what are present status in life is. The main character, or player, Rico Fuentes comes from Harlem, in New York, and decides to hitch hike with his friend Jimmy to Wisconsin , where his older brother Gilberto rents a run down farm, where he has a few boarders. The farm does not produceany income. Although one boarder, grows marijuana, and makes a living.
I forgot to mention Rico has not finished High School, therefore he has a hard job to find employment . Rico is light skin, and has light hair, so it is easier for him to blend with the people of Wisconsin. One day, his older brother Gilberto comes home with a job offer for Rico pumping gas at the local gas station. He Rico says he will try it. Rico works the night shift. He has certain duties to complete during his shift. He must clean the men, and women's bathroom daily. That's besides keeping a toll of the cash, and taking care of his clients . He mostly fills up semi-trucks, and pick-up trucks.
Until one night, a car pulled up, and the man started beating up Rico for no reason, and breaking the mirror in the men's room. In fact, they threatened Rico's life, when he was thrown to the ground. Of course, the car was filled up with gas, and the men left without paying Rico.
The novel is a good read, and reminds me a lot of the book "Tom Sawyer" that I read in 9th grade. This novel is especially good for Hispanics 8th-10th grade .
LRD 12/8/08

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