Friday, November 05, 2010

Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

This a self-explanatory novel with personalities, and characters that get to be part of you as you read, and get into the novel. I was anxious about finishing the novel in order to find out about Owen. This is Anabel's boyfriend. This novel was exciting , and stressful, but in the end, it turned out happy. I recommend the novel very much.
The author is very good as she presents her characters in the novel. The plot thickens, but she unravels the story as we speak.
At this moment Sarah Dessen is one of the favorite authors for Young Adult. She has a captive audience with teens. Dessen is able to reach teens in her novels. The novel "Just Listen" should be required reading for teens. It has a message for teenagers that is clear.
In the novel, you feel grief, fear, and love. This novel captures many teens. Sophie meets Owen Armstrong, who is obsessed with music, and always tells the truth.
The novel is good, but at the same time one has a message to digest from the novel.
LRD 11/5/10

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