Friday, November 05, 2010

Twisted By: Laurie Hase Andersen

This is a novel about a teen called Tyler, and how at the beginning of the novel he was considered a nerd until he was arrested, and picked up by a police car. Tyler sprayed painted the walls in the high school worth thousands of dollars. Tyler also was appointed a Probation Officer. By the way, Tyler's probation is to work with the janitors at school. Tyler likes Bethany very much . They are two different personalities who, mange to be together although they are different.
What do you think of Bethany's behavior at the big teen party? This teen party was held in a home , where their wasn't any adult supervision. All the teens at the party drank as much as they wanted.
I liked the novel very much. It taught me a lesson. Besides too much drinking pictures were taken of attendees in awkward poses. Bethany is Tyler's Father's boss daughter.

LRD II/5/10

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