Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Designated Ugly Fat Friend By: Kody Keplingler

This novel got great reviews, and I could hardly put it down.

One of the main personalities is seventeen-year-old Bianca. She thinks of herself as not pretty , but is very smart. Bianca is way to smart to get involved with the opposite sex. In fact Bianca pours coke in the face of Wesley Rush at the school cafeteria.
Later in the novel, things change for Bianca and Wesley. They become good friends, and in fact start dating. Bianca relies on Wesley when her parents get a nasty divorce. Bianca has a father, who is a secret alcoholic , who got over the problem . When her father received the divorce papers, he goes on a binge, and gets violent. Bianca lives with her Dad. Her Dad started to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which helped him a lot.
Now Bianca spends a lot of time with Wesley alone without supervision Bianca does not want to go home to see her Dad drinking to much, and making a mess out of himself. The divorce has caused him shock, and he cannot believe it. In fact, the Dad had no clue as to what the wife was going to do. The novel is really a good message for all of us.
Do not presume you know all this material. Things like this happen all the time. Whether, or not you expect it. I liked this novel very much.


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