Monday, December 27, 2010

Payback Time by Deuker

How Far should a journalist go to get a good news story, a scoop? Are there secrets meant to be kept? Mitch grew out when the rest of his friends grew tall in middle school and found himself being made fun of and looking for a new place to belong. This place is the school newspaper where he is the top writer and now a senior in high school. He has been assigned to cover sports, most important to the students but not to him. His photographer is Kimi Yon, a well liked student. At the first interview, photo shoot at practice before the first football game Kimi points out a new kid who is off by himself and when no one is actively watching him shows huge talent. She recognizes a hot story in this mystery kid and shares her ideas with Mitch. Not only is Mitch intrigued by the mystery and possible scoop which would look ever so good on a college essay, he is enchanted by Kimi's respect towards him. So, he begins investigating who this kid is where he came from, if he really is eligible to play football and begins an exercise program, in hopes of starting a relationship with Kimi. The investigation puts Mitch in harms way more than once and he is repeatedly warned to back off, stop what he is doing, its none of his business. Finally,
He has also put the mystery kid in danger from gangs and risked the high school's chances of a state title. And the story could never be published. Because there is a lot of reporting on the football games and even some on the school's badly divided girl's volleyball team this is a sports story first that will be enjoyed most by sports fans then a mystery. Deuker's books are always good exciting reads. jdw12/10

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