Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pay Back Time By: Carl Deuker

This is a novel for teen males, but I find by reading, the novel it is good for teen females as well. It has a lot of action , and intrigue, and it is interesting to both males, and females.

We get to know Kimi, the school reporter, who takes photo's for the school newspaper. Mitch True works on the School newspaper with Kimi, and they are good friends.

Mitch, and Kimi are working on the missing links of Angel Marichal , who is the corner-back on the High School football team. He is a fantastic player . Angel is a 6 ft. 3 inches teen, and weighs 230 pounds, and is able to score points for Lincoln High School. Why does not the School Coach McNulty use Angel's great abilities, or talent to have Lincoln High School win against other football teams ?
Kimi, and Mitch True investigate Angel's background, and find his file in the School Office is blank, and only has the Coach of the High School's signature McNulty. It seems like a cover-up
of some kind. Angel Marichal's family it seems are illegal in the United States. Therefore, Angel was brought to the town where Lincoln High School is located to hide from the Immigration agents. He was also an important witness to a murder in his home town in California.

Read the novel to find out more details, and what really happens in this novel. I liked the novel.


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