Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flip By: Martyn Bedford

This is the first novel for Young Adults written by this novelist. The novelist has written five adult books .
The theme he has incorporated for Flip is not that simple. Teens should like this novel, and really get into it.
From the beginning of the story , we find ourselves meeting Alex, a fourteen year old teen, who is trapped in another boy's body called Phil, but nicknamed "Flip."
This novel throughout demonstrates the teen search for self. To me it is the underlying theme
throughout the novel. Reviewers of the novel "Flip" believe the story is written well, and brings out many themes throughout the novel, makes you think deeply, when the novel is finished. Some of the personalities are from New Zealand in the novel. Cherry, Alex's good friend throughout the plot.
The main theme I got from the novel, was we have a soul, whose will do we have. We know it has no limits. Alex demonstrated this point in the novel.
The novel was alright, and better towards the end. It is a good read.
LRD 8/23/11

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