Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Someone told me that every story has already been written and it's the author job to make the story unique. This novel is a storyline that's been done many times before and while the author tries to make it unique, she doesn't quite hit the mark.

Lani believes in fate, from horoscopes to Magic 8 balls and tarot cards. After Erin saves her from a car accident, she believes they'll be best friends tied together forever due to this event. When Erin starts dating Jason, Lani can't help but notice how wrong the two of them are together. What she does notice, is how perfect Jason would be for her. They're connected in so many ways, but he's dating her best friend, so what's she to do. Things don't improve when the two of them are alone together since Erin is at camp. Should she follow her heart or remain true to her best friend? When she goes for her soul mate - because fate basically said they're destined to be together - she'll do anything to keep her friendship with Erin.

The book tried to be special by exaggerating Lani's obsession with fate and all things related to that belief. In doing that and giving the character her quirky moment - the taste of water can be described as a colored shape? - the novel faltered in basic elements of the story. Many scenes felt underdeveloped, just thrown in there. It doesn't really get a good flow until the last half when everything fell apart. The narrator does have a good voice; you definitely feel as if this story is being told by a teenager. However, this novel just falls short of the mark.

I don't want to say this novel doesn't have depth, but it could have a lot more than it does. It's simply a story that's already been told and doesn't do enough to make itself stand out.

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