Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go ask Alice by Anonymous

The story is based in the 1970s, is very difficult to say a year or even a decade since the time line is somewhat confusing. Alice is a teenager how gets trapped in the drug/addiction world. She was not looking for drugs but was introduce to them in a party, served in a drink without her knowledge. After she finds out she realizes that she actually likes them and has to experiment with other hardcore drugs. She ends up dropping out of school and she goes to a different city where I finded very difficult to believe she and a friend, who is also an addict, start a small business in this new city. She has several guys in her life, one at a time, but never really in love. She is trying to stay clean but relapsing several times. When comes back home her "addict" friends turn away because she is trying to stay clean. She ends up at a mental hospital. Personally the time line was very confusing and yet the story was missing something. The book is based on a true story but is listed under fiction, the book is good and okay yet there are so many details missing that it does not make it a good book.

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