Monday, October 03, 2011

Mice By: Gordon Reece

This novel keeps the interest of any individual, because it piques our interest, or curiosity.
The novel begins, with a Mother, who is a lawyer, and is recently divorced. Shelley is her teenaged daughter, who is very smart. One problem Shelley has she is bullied so badly in the High School that she was frightened to attend. So the Principal had a male tutor, and a female tutor come to Shelley's home to cover her studies. Her male Tutor Mr. Roger's came every morning. Mrs. Harris came in the afternoon. Shelley preferred Mr. Rogers who was interesting when teaching Shelley. Mrs. Harris taught in a boring method, and Shelley did not look forward to her arrival at the house or cottage. This novel was an amazing story that took place in an English cottage that was isolated, but close to about twenty miles away to a village with all the necessities like a Police Station, Schools, grocery store, and Hospital. One night, a burglar got himself into their cottage by unscrewing the window frame, and letting himself into the cottage quietly. The burglar began robbing things that he could carry. He also carried his hand weapon, which was a sharp knife. Unreal, the two women fight the burglar, and Shelley the teen, ends up giving the final blow to the burglar. Now, the women must devise where to dump the body. The Mother, Elizabeth, thinks of burying the body right in the rose garden. Her mother says to the daughter we will dig a shallow grave, and place the burglar in the grave. All the towels with blood, and clothing that is soiled will be abandoned in an abandoned mines. The mines are about an hour and a half from their cottage. I recommend this novel . It is humorous , but also a mystery Some readers think the novel Mice is a psychological novel. I enjoyed the novel. I recommend the read.
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