Monday, October 03, 2011

Island's End By:Padma Venkatraman

This novel will capture the imaginations of many readers. The main female character of the novel struggles between tradition, and the values she believes in and modern influences. Her name is Uido, and she is chosen to be the Spiritual leader of her island tribe. The novel takes place on the Andaman Island. These are Islands East of India that lay in the Bay of Bengal. These Islands are covered with tropical rain forests that protected the tribal people. The strangers from other Islands , tempted the tribe members with gifts they have never seen.The strangers make the tribal members very curious about modern life. The author of this novel travels to the Andaman Islands to experience life on the Island. Also the author met with native people, who overcame a natural disaster, and preserved their unique way of life. In the novel Uido transforms from a girl to a tribal leader.
This novel is a good read. 10/3/11 LD

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