Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Eleventh Plague By Jeff Hirsch

This novel is considered fiction, but to me the novel is very real, and true to what could occur one day. The novel considers the Eleventh plague a sickness like a deathly strain of influenza. The novel depicts a world that has nose-dived into a futuristic nightmare. Stephen Quinn one of the main personalities of the novel, struggles to define his rules of survival. Fifteen year old Stephen only knows the life of a salvage. Salvagers are people searching for materials they could trade to others for money to survive. Stephen's family was one of the few that survived these times.
Tragedy fell on Stephen, when his grandfather died, and his father became comatose after an accident. Stephen returns to Settler's Landing, which is a community that is good, and he has been to before. This visit he meets a girl Jenny who plays a main personality in the novel. Jenny is strong, mischievous, and becomes a good friend of Stephen's. Stephen, and Jenny went to see if his house existed after so much turmoil . Stephen thought his house felt like a museum . By that I mean silent, and eerie. No people, and Stephen wanted to hear his grandpa's voice, or his dad's.
I liked the novel very much.


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