Monday, November 14, 2011

No Moon By Ivonne N. Watts

This is a trying and historical account of what happened when the Titanic Ship hit an iceberg. Everybody was evacuated in the dark into rowboats, where they awaited a rescue. Everyone practices putting on their life jackets, even the children. Miss Gardner is in charge of Lady Milton, and Rupert Maltons 's children. Miss Gardner was a young Nanny compared to others.
Some of the crew, and officers have to stay back on board the Titanic, because there is not enough room to escape on the rowboats. The titanic's Captain Smith was the man in charge of the ship. The Titanic hits an iceberg in the middle of the night . Gardner the Nanny puts her children in clothes, and then the life jackets. In their rowboat, there are children , and ladies, with two males rowing away quickly from the Titanic that is sinking. The survivors of the Titanic are rescued by a ship called Carpathia. There are many activities occuring. Read this novel , and you will be intrigued.
I recommend this book very much.

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