Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Need so Beautiful by Young

Charlotte is an orphan living in a loving foster care home. Since she was about 12 she has experienced compulsions she calls needs to go to complete strangers, reach out to them and tell them something that will keep them from permanently ruining their lives. Over the years the compulsions have increased and now her skin is turning a glowing golden color. She has a boyfriend she loves very much and a best girl friend but must lie to both constantly because of her strange behavior. Her foster mom is a nurse working for a free clinic where Charlotte has come to know the doctor who has been trying to be her protector as he knows what is happening to her. She will one day be completely transformed to a golden glow and most people she has touched will not remember she ever existed. She struggles with the idea of never growing up, never being remembered and with shadows that offer that which she had always believed she would have. If you believe in angels this book is for you. It is a very quick read and somewhat sad. JDW 11/10/11

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