Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Jade Notebook

This is a novel that takes place in Mexico, in a small town called Mazunte. You learn by reading the novel, that the town is trying to raise turtles, and  help turtles survive in their environment.

Zeeta is a teen looking for her father who has traveled  to France, and lived there. Zeeta believes her father could be disguised as a fisherman, or something else in the town, where she lives. Zeeta is the daughter of Layla, who lives with her.  Zeeta lives in a row of  rental bungalow's that is close to the beach. The Center for Turtles is interesting and gives tours to many people who are interested. The bungalow's are Zeeta's family property, and are believed to be haunted by people who live in the village or possessed.  One day Zeeta awaken's to find  a dead chicken in front of each door of  the bungalows.

Wendell is a good friend of Zeeta, and works for the Turtle Center, for an interim period, before he enters College. Zeeta decides to visit a man in the village who gives guitar lessons.  Zeeta has always  wanted to play guitar, so her dream is coming true. 

The name of  Zeeta's Father was "Tortue", which means turtle in French. "Meche"  is another name for  Zeeta's missing father. Zeeta's father slept under a small boat that was located on the beach. He could see the turtles  twenty-four hours a day. Zeeta's father was able to save Wendel, and his daughter from death. Wendel's rescue was from  the ocean, and Zeeta on a rock cliff near the beach. Zeeta was hanging from a cliff, and very scared . 
Wendel went away to College, and tells Zeeta he would return.  Wendel returns for a weekend, and surprises Zeeta .  It turns out that every one in town where Zeeta lives is related to each other in one way or the other. The novel has a  good ending.  Although Wendel attends College away from where Zeeta lives, she manages her life.
This read is good, and I recommend.reading this novel.
LRD/ 5/17/12

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